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Bir is a town in the eastern end of the Kangra District in Himachal Pradesh with a friendly, relaxed population and a large Tibetan (Khampa) community. It is home to several educational institutions, monasteries, and nonprofit organizations (NGOs), and is becoming a popular off-the-beaten-path destination for meditation courses, volunteering, and ecotourism.



1st April to 4th April

9th April to 12th April

16th April to 19th April

23rd April to 26th April

30th April to 3th May


7th May to 10th May

13th May to 16th May

21st May to 24th May

28th May to 31st May


4th June to 7th June

11th June to 14th June

18th June to 21st June

25th June to 28th June

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