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Kanjoos Traveller is about saving money & spending efficiently. Through Kanjoos Traveller we aim at helping travellers save money and travel frequently, albeit keeping the quality of the highest standard. Our itineraries are created by avid travellers and not travel agents, in order to bring you a plethora of unforgettable memories. As responsible travellers, we like to take care of all three aspects of travelling: SOCIAL, CULTURAL and of-course ENVIRONMENTAL.


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Customised Trips

We curate trips exclusively as per your requirements.

Camel Tour

College/School Trips

School/college trips can be educational and great fun. They can help develop relationships between students and staff and be one of the things we all look back on with fond memories. With careful preparation and planning your school/college trip can be the highlight of the year. We help you organise all of that without any hassles.

Reach the Top

Corporate Off-site

Company culture is all about people. Without people, it doesn’t exist. You’ll notice that every effort to build a corporate culture features people. Bigger companies require offsite retreats so everyone can come together. This just doesn’t happen normally.

Even in smaller companies, the chances are the people are the bottom don’t come into contact with the people at the top often. An offsite serves as a time where people who don’t normally speak can connect. This can lead to a closer and more connected company.

We pride ourselves in working with multiple corporates across the country for their off-sites and team building activities.




Kirti Kumari

This was my first trek to kheerganga and kanjoos traveller made it an amazing experience for me. It's hard to describe here just how fabulous and exciting our trip was.

Reaching to kheerganga was a bit of struggle. But when you have determination and a great tour guide, Abhishek who demonstrated his care and concern for understanding the needs of our group and made this trip so perfect.
I would highly recommend a trip with kanjoos traveller. 
A special thanks to Abhishek and all group members for making my first trek so memorable for all my life.
#Aag_Lga_Di :P